Upcoming Photography Workshops:

How to See, Shape and Control Available Light: Portrait, Beauty and The Fine Art Nude

In this workshop you will learn the basic principles of lighting using the sun at any time of day. Once we understand how to see, shape and control light from the sun we can then begin the process of learning the lighting techniques used in the studio. This class is carefully designed to help students create a foundation of what you will learn in our studio lighting workshop series. 

  • Choosing the right light for the shot
  • Understanding the direction and angle of the light
  • Shaping the light: what are the best light shaping tools and why
  • Understanding the quality of light
  • Working with opposing light sources
  • working with reflectors
  • Posing and working with models 
  • Beauty light
  • Composition
  • Work flow
  • Business and Marketing
  • Lens selection

The class will be small and I will cater to each participant. Everyone will walk away with amazing images to add to their portfolios and the knowledge of how to create similar images on their own. Models, lighting equipment, lunch, drinks will be provided. Feel free to visit the nude and Beauty sections of my website for more images and to get an idea as to what we will be creating together. For the nude images click here and for my beauty images click here. Please contact me at [email protected] for any questions. 

When: Saturday, Oct 22 2016

Where: Joshua Tree

Investment:  $495

To Register: Please click on the Buy Now button below to register and reserve your spot in Joshua Tree.






Nude Workshop May 2016